Hardware wanted

Why do we want your old hardware?

The following list outlines hardware that the OpenBSD project could use. Some of this is being requested so that developers can improve or add driver support for devices which are rare; other requests are for hardware that will improve our development environment. In either case, we think we are being reasonable at asking for these devices.

If you do not own these devices, but want to help us, we recommend you search on eBay for the devices. If you do the bidding and then get the device shipped to us, it really helps us. It's much better if our developers do not need to spend the time going through the bidding process, since any time saved can be spent on improving OpenBSD instead.

As a reasonably large quantity of OpenBSD developers and users are in northern Europe we have setup a specific want list for that area. If you are in that region, go here first to check what developers close to you are in need of or want to work on support for.

Additional Notes


  • In each case, please contact Theo de Raadt before simply shipping hardware around. (So that we can decide where the hardware needs to be shipped to).

  • As an extra incentive, Theo is willing to trade quantities of stickers for some of these things.

  • When shipping over International borders, never use UPS regular service, because they charge incredible fees for brokerage.

  • The want list

  • Alpha hardware

  • i386 gear

  • Sparc gear

  • PCI gear

  • USB gear

  • PC Card (PCMCIA)

    PCI->PCMCIA adapters

  • Infrastructure requirements

  • Amiga gear (contact espie@openbsd.org [France])

  • HPPA gear (contact mickey@openbsd.org [USA])

  • Motorola mvme68k/mvme88k gear (contact smurph@openbsd.org [USA])

  • PowerPC hardware (contact drahn@openbsd.org [USA])

  • Sun3 gear (contact miod@openbsd.org [France])

  • VAX gear (contact hugh@openbsd.org [Canada])

  • ISAPNP cards

    We want as many as possible, so that our ISAPNP support can become very rock-solid. All sorts wanted, including:

  • Miscellaneous

  • Documentation

  • Want list for Northern Europe (contact niklas@openbsd.org [Sweden])

  • SMP hardware

  • Storage

  • PCMCIA & Cardbus

  • Gigabit

  • Previously Donated

    Since this web page was created in Oct, 1998, people have donated the following items which we requested here. Those people are listed in the ranks of our donations page. Thanks!

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