Support and Consulting

OpenBSD has attracted a critical mass of developers, support organizations, and consultants such that it is now safe to commit to using OpenBSD in your projects. The following individuals and organizations have indicated that they are able to provide support as indicated. However, the OpenBSD Project does not necessarily endorse any of these. Please contact each site directly.

These entries are arranged geographically, so that you can find a consultant near you.

If you want to submit your own entry, the format is quite rigid; please use this template (do not just copy and paste plain text from your browser!). When you think it's ready, mail it to me, ian at openbsd.org, with a Subject: line containing at least the words "support update".

Contact Name/
Gregory D. Baker
The Institute for Open Systems Technologies
Suite 17, 57 Culloden Rd
Marsfield , NSW 2122
Phone: 0500 545 856
Email: greg.baker@ifost.org.au
URL: http://www.ifost.org.au/
We supply OpenBSD-based firewalls and internet-gateways, often to small businesses needing an "administrator-less" solution. We do consulting and education work on OpenBSD and on other UNIXes as well.
David Jorm
6/65 Good st. Granville
Sydney , NSW 2614
Phone: (02) 9281 2844
Email: davidj@wiretapped.net
URL: http://openbsd.documenta.net/
4 years experience with OpenBSD. Specifically firewalling, routing, sendmail and apache/ssl. Main focus on small-medium business systems providing mail/firewalling/proxy/web hosting
Con Zymaris
Cybersource Pty. Ltd.
Level 9, 140 Queen Street
Melbourne , Victoria 3000
Phone: +61 3 9642 5997
FAX: +61 3 9642 5998
Email: info@cyber.com.au
URL: http://www.cyber.com.au/
Cybersource has been working with open source Unix/BSD/Linux platforms and technologies for nearly 10 years. We have a strong focus on systems administration and network security, and offer consulting services in these areas.
Gavin Cameron
ITworks Consulting
Level 8, 488 Bourke street
Melbourne , Victoria 3000
Phone: +61 3 9642 5477
FAX: +61 3 9642 5499
Email: openbsd@itworks.com.au
URL: http://www.itworks.com.au/
*BSD installation, maintenance and consulting services. We can also consult on Apache, Squid, Samba, Qmail and MySQL.
Tom Knienieder
Seifensweg 3
A-6161 Natters , Tirol
Phone: ++43 (0) 676 311 7692
Email: knienieder@ms.netwing.at
OpenBSD setup, support and consulting. More than 12 years system software development in C. Will also travel to Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
Luiz Guilherme Domanski
SafeCore Network Solutions
R. Visconde do Rio Branco, 1717, cj. 74
Curitiba , Paraná 80420-210
Phone: +55 (41) 224-1785
FAX: +55 (41) 224-1785
Email: safecore@SafeCore.NET
URL: http://SafeCore.NET/
OpenBSD installation, configuring and maintenance. Network consulting and maintenance, especially with OpenBSD servers. We provide services in the entire country and Mercosul.
Jean Everson Martina
Athom Consulting Ltda.
R: Andrelino Natividade da Costa,108
Florianópolis , Santa Catarina 88090-390
Phone: +55 (48) 244-4092 or 9962-2337
FAX: +55 (48) 248-0751
Email: athom@athom.com.br
URL: http://www.athom.com.br/
We provide training, support and consulting in Unix-like Operating Systems, specialy security issues, like firewalls, Certification Authorities, Secure Web Servers and so on.
Piero Bittencourt Contezini
Gsek Unix Secure Networks
Mario Lobo, 61/709
Joinville , Santa Catarina 89201-330
Phone: +55 021 47 4226696
FAX: +55 021 47 4226696
Email: piero@gsek.com.br
URL: http://www.gsek.com.br/
We develop Security Systems for Networks, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection systems, Integrated Networks, Secure sites, E-commerce, Databases using RSA, SSL and Kerberos protocols under OpenBSD, Linux, NetBSD and others.
Gustavo H. Maultasch
Gaz Virtual
Rua Tonelero, 203/601
Rio de Janeiro , RJ
Phone: +55-21-577-0207
FAX: +55-21-547-5005
Email: gaz@gazvirtual.com.br
URL: http://www.gazvirtual.com.br/
We provide all kinds of services for web development and security on OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and NetBSD, including firewalls, secure servers, proxies and network administration.
Tobias Weingartner
Apt. B 7707-110 Street
Edmonton , Alberta
Phone: (403)432-6908
Email: weingart@tepid.org
URL: http://www.tepid.org/~weingart/
Have worked on Intel 386 boot code, Unix admin, etc, etc. If people pay for plane ticket, food and lodging, then I'll travel almost anywhere. :-)
Nicholas Janzen
Third-Net.Com INC
Suite 630, 440, 10816 Macleod Trail S.W.
Calgary , Alberta T2J 5N8
Phone: (403) 301-1917
Email: info@third-net.com
URL: http://www.third-net.com/
We provide OpenBSD-based secure networks, using VPN's to link offices together. Third-Net.Com specializes in web applications, co-location's and firewall setup and maintence. We also work on programming projects for UNIX in C/C++.
Bob Beck
Obtuse Systems Corporation
8101 160 Street
Edmonton , Alberta T5R 2G9
Phone: 780 481 6576
Email: beck@obtuse.com
URL: http://www.obtuse.com/
Worked on many daemons, kernel network code, transparent proxies, SSL integration. Experienced in Firewalls, IPsec, Kerberos, Intrusion Detection, Secure web servers. Big systems with heavy load. Instruction and Training. Have also used and administered AIX, SunOS/Solaris, IRIX, *BSD, BSDI, HP/UX, Linux, WinNT/95/98/2000, and others which no longer exist.
Jonathan Strong
511-1209 Ridgeway Ave.
Vancouver , B.C. V3J 1S8
Phone: 604-939-8097
Email: neturn@bigfoot.com
URL: http://neturn.sinacity.com/
Neturn provides solutions implemented on OpenBSD and selective hardware & software platforms for e-commerce, medical, aerospace, engineering, fishing, and manufacturing applications.
Roy Nicholl
Atlantic Systems Group
Incutech Centre, 8 Garland Court
Fredericton , NB E3B 6C2
Phone: 506.460.5400
FAX: 506.460.5411
Email: Professional.Services@ASGtechnologies.com
URL: http://www.ASGtechnologies.com/
Since 1989, ASG's Professional Services Group has been providing information security services, architectural and design consulting, and integration solutions, to business and organizations globally. We specialize in the telecommunications and Internet service provider industries.
Ian F. Darwin
R R # 1
Palgrave , Ontario L0N 1P0
Phone: +1 905-729-3002
FAX: +1 416-352-5070
Email: ian@darwinsys.com
URL: http://www.darwinsys.com/openbsd/
OpenBSD installation, configuration, firewall setup. Software development in C and Java. Author of Checking C Programs with Lint and an upcoming Java book, both with O'Reilly. Wrote one UNIX course and two Java courses for Learning Tree International.
Russell P. Sutherland
Quist Consulting
219 Donlea Drive
Toronto , Ontario M4G 2N1
Phone: 416 696-7600
FAX: 416 978-6620
Email: russ@quist.on.ca
URL: http://www.quist.on.ca/
OpenBSD Installation and Configuration. Qmail, Ezmlm, Apache, DNS expertise for small and large sites. Networking (LAN and WAN) and security advice.
China Special Administration Region
Jeffrey Vong
Internet Access HK Limited
20/Floor, 28 Tang Lung Street
Causewaybay , Hong Kong
Phone: +852-2421-3121
FAX: +852-2401-0055
Email: jvong@ia.com.hk
URL: http://www.ia.com.hk/
Over 6 years of custom made developments on BSD systems. Consultancy of security and mission critical solutions on BSD platforms.
Costa Rica
Luis Cerdas
Rawten Latinoamerica, S.A.
P.O. Box 4224
San Jose , San Jose 1000
Phone: +506 2240432
FAX: +506 2359864
Email: info@rawten.net
URL: http://www.rawten.net/
Consulting and professional services work supporting Sun Microsystems and OpenBSD systems, carrier-scale messaging systems and global security infrastructure audits and implementation throughout Latin America.
Jean-Jacques Bernard-Gundol
Hervé Schauer Consultants (HSC)
4bis, rue de la gare
Levallois-Perret F-92300
Phone: +33 141 409 700
FAX: +33 141 409 709
Email: Jean-Jacques.Bernard@hsc.fr
URL: http://www.hsc.fr/
Consultancy firm since 1989 with emphasis on Unix Security, TCP/IP and Internet security. BSD experience since 386BSD. OpenBSD installation, support and consulting. Also Apache, DNS (Bind), Sendmail, Postfix...
Benoit Lecocq
Cartel Informatique
6-8 Rue du General Camou
Paris , IDF 75007
Phone: 01 53 59 54 73
FAX: 01 53 59 54 54
Email: lecocq@cartel-info.fr
URL: http://www.cartel-info.fr/
We provide many services for security on OpenBSD and Linux, Firewall, IDS, VPN.
Olivier Lemaire
15 Avenue de SEGUR
Paris , IDF 75007
Phone: +33 1 44 42 00 00
FAX: +33 1 44 42 00 01
Email: contact@IDEALX.com
URL: http://www.IDEALX.com/
IDEALX, as an OpenSource engineering company, support *BSD and Linux platforms, and particularly OpenBSD for security-needed solutions.
Thomas Graichen
innominate AG
Singerstrasse 109
10179 Berlin
Phone: (030) 308806-13 or -0
FAX: (030) 308806-77
Email: graichen@innominate.de
URL: http://innominate.de/
Setup, configuration, maintenance, firewall configuration, planning and realisation of OpenBSD based servers and workstations; systems and network administration.
Joerg Fruehbrodt
Ringbahnstr. 13
Berlin 10711
Phone: + 49 (0)30 890 944 63
FAX: + 49 (0)30 890 944 64
Email: info@linuxhaus.de
URL: http://www.linuxhaus.de/
Provider of consulting services for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux and Sun SOLARIS® specialized in turnkey servers for file, messaging, proxy and web services.
Herr Schulz
SYSDANE - Systemberatung für Datenbank - und Netzwerktechnologien
Sinn , Hessen
Phone: (02772) 571592
FAX: (02772) 571593
Email: info@sysdane.de
URL: http://www.sysdane.de/
Setup, configuration and maintenance of various firewalls configuration and sale of OpenBSD based servers and workstations; system and network administration; Enterprise DB-Server, Security.
Christoph Haas
Adimus GmbH & Co. KG
Harpener Hellweg 41
Bochum , NRW 44805
Phone: +49-(0)234-971971-0
FAX: +49-(0)234-971971-9
Email: info@adimus.de
URL: http://www.adimus.de/
Setup, configuration and maintenance of various firewalls configuration and sale of OpenBSD based servers and workstations; system and network administration
Stefano Venturoli
Infosec S.r.l.
Bologna , Bologna 40133
Phone: +39 051 386460
FAX: +39 051 385140
Email: venturoli@infosec.it
URL: http://www.infosec.it/
Internet security and data defense realized mainly with open source software. Particular knowledge of firewalls, internet applications, IDS and network administration from LAN to WAN. Also we have developed a range of products based on OpenBSD with the purpose to be "administrators tools", for better internet network administration.
Marcello Scacchetti
Arcanet Consulting
Viale Gramsci 349
Mirandola , Modena 41037
Phone: +39-040-3728044
FAX: +39-040-364441
Email: marcello.scacchetti@arcanetconsulting.com
URL: http://home.emaze.net/
We provide outsourced network security services and support for *BSD systems and solutions for Global 2000 companies throughout Europe.
Artem Kuzmin
Kievskaya-str. 44
Bishkek 720000
Phone: 996-312-284840
FAX: 996-312-282849
Email: erta@writeme.com
URL: http://www.kalug.lug.net/slash/
Linux/BSD/Solaris installation, configuration, recover, security, coding, maintenance, consulting. System admin, network admin.
Fyodor Yarochkin
microregion 5/43/77
Bishkek 720073
Phone: 996-312-474465
FAX: 996-312-663448
Email: fygrave@tigerteam.net
URL: http://www.kalug.lug.net/fygrave/
BSD/Solaris/Linux: installation, maintenance, firewalls configuration, fault recovery, consulting, coding, Unix/network admin. If someone were willing to pay for plane ticket, food and accommodation, will travel almost anywhere in the world. Would work for minimal fee on challenging projects.
Arno Kruse
Kruse ICT Services
Kerkveldstraat 1a
Baarlo , Limburg 5991BA
Phone: +31 43 4090604
FAX: +31 43 4090605
Email: kruse@kruse-ict.nl
URL: http://www.kruse-ict.nl/
We build OpenBSD (and other UNIXen) based web- and fileservers, routers and firewalls. Support and education on OpenBSD and other UNIXen and also Win32 environments. The web sites we design for our customers are hosted on OpenBSD. We work in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
Ronald Prins
Fox-IT Forensic IT Experts B.V.
Delft , ZH 2611BC
Phone: +31-15-2121907
FAX: +31-15-2121964
Email: prins@fox-it.com
URL: www.fox-it.com
We provide network security (VPN, Firewall, IDS) based on OpenBSD for high-risk customers (government). Specialised in interoperability with Cisco and Windows security solutions.
New Zealand
Michael Williams
NetXSecure NZ Limited
4/88 Tui Road Papatoetoe South
Auckland 1701
Phone: +64.9.2788.348
FAX: +64.9.2788.352
Email: mike@netxsecure.net
URL: http://www.netxsecure.net/
NetXSecure specializes in Berkeley Unix with a strong preference on OpenBSD for perimeter security and FreeBSD for Internet platform servers. Secure implementation and design including managed firewalls or Intruder detection systems with other Unices considered on a requirements basis, 20 years+ in the computing industry.
Nic Bellamy
Bellamy Consulting Limited
P.O. Box 26-590, Epsom
Auckland 1003
Phone: +64-9-631-7901
Email: info@bellamy.co.nz
URL: http://www.bellamy.co.nz/
We are a consulting company specialising in Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. Our main focus for OpenBSD is security applications - firewalls, proxy servers, IPSEC VPNs, and Apache-SSL (e-commerce) servers, although we support most software that runs on OpenBSD.
Knut Foseide
Safety Cable AS
Daelenenggaten 20 J
Oslo , Province N-0567
Phone: +47 23 19 80 10
FAX: +47 23 19 80 09
Email: knut@safetycable.com
URL: http://www.safetycable.com/
Hardware theft protection and OpenBSD Firewalls; setup, configuration and maintenance. Coding. Unix, Linux and more.
Bartek Rozkrut
ul. Lubicz 25
Krakow , Malopolska 31-503
Phone: +48 12 6197883
FAX: +48 12 6197840
Email: OpenBSD@GaniNET.pl
URL: http://www.GaniNET.pl/
Complex installation, configuration, administration and consulting.
Marcin Jurczuk
Cybernet ISP
Dziesieciny 47/59
Bialystok , Podlaskie 15-806
Phone: +48 857404440
FAX: +48 857404440
Email: spock@labfiz.uwb.edu.pl
URL: http://physics.uwb.edu.pl/~spock
Since 1997 I've been using Linux, OpenBSD & Solaris. In 1997 I was network admin of serwer in Bialystok Politechnik. From one year I work as Main administrator in Cybernet Internet Service Provider.
Zbigniew Kossowski
Business Communication International
Hawajska 12/21
Warsaw 02-776
Phone: +48 (0) 22 624 69 78
FAX: +48 (0) 22 624 69 78
Email: bci@bci.waw.pl
URL: http://www.bci.waw.pl/
Setup, configuration, maintenance, firewall configuration, planning = and realisation of OpenBSD based servers and workstations; systems and = network administration.
Karol D. Makowski
Centrum Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego
ul. Szymanowskiego 7
Phone: +48 71 3484230
FAX: +48 71 3484239
Email: spaceman@cku.pwr.wroc.pl
URL: http://www.cku.pwr.wroc.pl/openbsd/
Setup, configuration, maintenance, firewall configuration, planning for OpenBSD based servers and workstations.
Paulo Laureano
Mr Net - Serviços informáticos lda
Av Elias Garcia. 147. 2 esq.
Lisbon , Lisbon 1050 LISBOA
Phone: +351217826920
FAX: +351217826929
Email: pls@mrnet.pt
URL: http://www.mrnet.pt/
Over 7 years using UNIX for e-commerce and firewalls. We use and support both Linux and OpenBSD servers, being the latest used on all high security applications (firewalls, critical databases, etc). The company handles rapid response to break-ins and provides security audits to servers, connected networks and VPN connect networks.
Lin Xiaohan
AUX MicroSystems PTE. LTD.
504, Serangoon North Ave 4, #14-468
Singapore , Singapore 550504
Phone: +65-97995569
Email: linxh@megamesh.com
BSD systems setup, maintenance and coding. Web applications with PostgreSQL/MySQL backend. Various server software (BIND, Apache, Sendmail, etc.) related installation and programming.
Wally Lee
Infinitum Singapore Pte Ltd
38A Pagoda Street
Singapore , Singapore
Phone: +65-3236360
FAX: +65-3236390
Email: wally@infinitum.com
URL: http://www.infinitum.com/
Specializing in NFR and other network security systems.
Eddie Tan
Aeon/Xe Technology Pte Ltd
No. 8 Gul Ave, Kalstar House
Singapore , Singapore 629652
Phone: (65) 2842006
FAX: (65) 8613500
Email: eddie@aeonxe.com
URL: http://www.aeonxe.com/
Implementation of firewalls, secured servers/hosts/network on OpenBSD and other UNIXes.
Jonas Eriksson
Sandviksgatan 18
Lulea , BD 972 36
Phone: +46-920-88803
FAX: +46-920-88399
Email: info@interact.se
URL: http://www.interact.se/
We supply *BSD installation, maintenance and services, along with consulting services within Apache, Squid, Samba and SQL. We also offer consulting services across Europe for security and mission critical solutions on *BSD platforms.
Michael Muelly
Bachtelstr. 52
Pfaeffikon , Schwyz
Phone: 055 / 420 35 78
Email: openbsd@INTRADETECT.com
URL: http://www.INTRADETECT.com/
We are a security consulting company; we provide OpenBSD support for our security clients.
United Kingdom
Rob Pickering
Leighton Buzzard , Bedfordshire
Phone: +44 (0) 870 166 4400
FAX: +44 (0) 870 166 4411
Email: rob@syntonet.co.uk
URL: http://www.syntonet.co.uk/
Over 10 years system software development experience on BSD based platforms. Firewall and networking system setup. Custom development in C and C++ with focus on datacomms.
Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd.
102 London Road, Shenley, Hertfordshire
London WD7 9BS
Phone: +44 1923 857111
FAX: +44 870 1600800
Email: people@knowledge.com
URL: http://www.knowledge.com/
OpenBSD and Open Source software development, support and consulting. Internet related product development.
United States
Steve Murphree, Jr.
240 North Montcrest
Cullman , Alabama 35057
Phone: (256) 739-2076
Email: smurph@smcomp.com
URL: http://www.smcomp.com/
OpenBSD i386, powerpc, mvme68k and mvme88k experience. VME device driver development. OpenBSD installation and configuration for firewalls, samba, NFS, FTP and HTTP. IBM DB2 SQL programming services. Porting OpenBSD. SCSI, serial and ethernet driver development.
Fred Fahnert
20975 Valley Green Drive #206
San Jose , California 95014
Phone: (408) 799 5010
FAX: (408) 366 1727
Email: fred@netfinances.com
URL: http://www.netfinances.com/fred/consulting.html
OpenBSD installation, security, and setup of services including Web, DNS, Samba. Can setup your computer to be anything from a firewall to desktop workstation.
Kyle Amon
GNUTEC Information Technology Solutions
1655 North Colony Road, Suite 3002
Meriden , Connecticut 06458
Phone: 203-379-0125
FAX: 203-379-0126
Email: info@gnutec.com
URL: http://www.gnutec.com/
Specializing in security (firewalls, VPNs, security audits, intrusion detection systems, etc.), we also cover installation and configuration, systems integration, performance tuning, disaster recovery, network architecture and programming. OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux and many commercial flavors.
Paul Pruett
Web Engineering, Inc.
415 Brevard Avenue
Cocoa , Florida 32922
Phone: 321-639-4344
FAX: 321-639-8681
Email: sysadmin@webengr.com
URL: http://www.webengr.com/
Setup, support, hosting and consulting. We also use OpenBSD for our ISP services including Sendmail for Email, SSL Apache for Web Servers with PHP MailMan for EMail Lists, Mysql and more. We can show you how to use anonCVS to rebuild kernel, /usr/src and /usr/ports :-)
Gregory Hull
Synack Systems Corporation
2546 Ingleside Ave
Cincinnati , Ohio 45206
Phone: 513.509.5503
FAX: 513.961.0151
Email: ghull@synack.com
URL: http://www.synack.com/
Installation and support of OpenBSD based mail, web, database, news, dns, ftp, and samba servers. OpenBSD and Windows desktop integration. WWW, email, database and other application hosting.
Angelos D. Keromytis
2031 South Street, Apt #202
Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
Phone: (215) 985 5322
FAX: (215) 573 2232
Email: adk@adk.gr
URL: http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~angelos/
Author of the OpenBSD IPsec code, field experience with firewalls, consulting only outside the US.
Collective Technologies
9433 Bee Caves Road
Austin , Texas 78733
Phone: 512-263-5500
FAX: 512-263-0606
Email: contact@colltech.com
URL: http://www.colltech.com/
Systems management services for distributed enterprise computing environments. Collective Technologies specializes in keeping complex computer systems running reliably offering a full range of support services including UNIX, NT, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.
Network Security Technologies
13505 Dulles Technology Drive, Suite 1
Herndon , Virginia 20171
Phone: 703-561-0420
FAX: 703-561-0426
URL: http://www.netsec.net/
Network Security Technologies provides commercial support for OpenBSD with special emphasis on "complete network security"
Josh Pennell
8314 Greenwood Avenue North Suite 1300
Seattle , Washington
Phone: 206-297-3155
Email: joshp@ioactive.com
URL: http://www.ioactive.com/
IOActive specializes in secure web hosting for internet developers. We utilize OpenBSD to help us achieve this goal. We also specialize in network audits, intrusion detection systems and custom crypto applications written in Java.
Chris Cappuccio
920 SW Emkay Dr., C-104
Bend , Oregon
Phone: 541-318-8065
FAX: 541-317-3402
Email: chris@empnet.com
URL: http://www.empnet.com/chris/
Setup, configuration, maintenance, fault recovery, firewall configuration, and planning for OpenBSD based servers and workstations.

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