The OpenBSD/sun3 port currently runs on all the 68020-based Sun3 computers, except the 3/E flavour.

History and Status:

The Sun3 port of OpenBSD was derived from the NetBSD/sun3 port, when the sun3 and sun3x ports were still different entities. The tiny bits of OpenBSD that are completely specific to the Sun3 port are basically the same as their NetBSD counterparts.

Supported Hardware:

OpenBSD/sun3 runs on the following Sun3 models: Other Sun3 models are NOT supported, especially 68030-based ones (sun3x). OpenBSD will not run on 3/160 machines with only 2Mb of memory, and very hardly on 4Mb machines.

Supported devices:

The sun-2 scsi controller is not supported yet.

The complete OpenBSD/sun3 release is available via ftp; snapshots are made available on an irregular basis.
You should read the installation notes for this release before trying to install OpenBSD/sun3.

The first boot of the system will take some time due to the generation of a DSA key for ssh. This can take up to 15 minutes on a 3/160, but times can vary greatly depending on your machine. This is a one time process and is nothing to worry about.

You can use cvs to get The X Window System. Kenneth Stailey had written patches for OpenBSD/sun3, which should have been integrated into the mainstream XFree86 sources. X clients and libraries are available, but there is no X server yet.

Projects being worked on (in no particular order):

The Sun3 port of OpenBSD is maintained by Miodrag Vallat,

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