Products for OpenBSD

OpenBSD encourages companies and independent developers to create products for use with OpenBSD, or based on OpenBSD itself.

Commercial support for OpenBSD is available from vendors listed on our support page.

  • Products based on OpenBSD
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  • Products based on OpenBSD

  • ePipe by Stallion Technologies
    Stallion Technologies uses OpenBSD as an embedded operating system in its ePipe dial-up network gateway for small and medium businesses. The gateway box is intended to beat the high cost of the last mile for small business VPNs and application service providers delivering hosted applications to small businesses. ePipe runs on a Motorola ColdFire 5307 VL-RISC processor and uses OpenBSD's built-in encryption software to deliver secure end to end connections.

  • NFR
    NFR uses OpenBSD as their primary development platform for their Network Flight Recorder intrusion detection software. The NFR package is available as stand-alone software for OpenBSD, or as an embedded product called the NFR Intrusion Detection Appliance, which happens to run OpenBSD internally. On their web page, NFR doesn't tell their customers that the operating system inside the IDA is OpenBSD.

  • Anzen Computing
    Anzen Computing sells Anzen Flight Jacket, a more comprehensive intrustion detection system based on NFR. Independently, they also chose OpenBSD as their primary packaged system. As well, a technical paper from Anzen reports that out of a number of major operating systems, OpenBSD is the fastest platform for running NFR.

  • Hiverworld
    Hiverworld provides continuous vulnerability assessment in an appliance that runs OpenBSD and they are working on a 100Mbit and Gigabit IDS (using OpenBSD) that will be released later this year.

  • Network Security Wizards
    Network Security Wizards produces the Dragon IDS for the OpenBSD platform. Dragon is a packet based intrusion detection system which can operate with 1200 signatures. The signatures identify all phases of network misuse including probes, attacks and actual compromises. Dragon operates on fully saturated 100 Mb/s networks and many Dragon customers operate in the 200 Mb/s range on Gigabit Ethernet segments. NSW also sells 2U boxes running OpenBSD + Dragon, for people who wish to just plug & play.

  • RTMX
    RTMX sells a version of OpenBSD which has a full complement of POSIX realtime features added to it. They have graciously donated the source code for these extensions, and these changes will be integrated into OpenBSD soon.

  • Hardware/Software products for OpenBSD

  • PowerCrypt by GTGI
    Global Technologies Group, Inc. produces PowerCrypt, an intelligent, bus-mastering PCI board based on incorporates the Hi/fn 7751 encryption processor. Kernel-level support was developed by OpenBSD, with device drivers and IPSec code written by members of the OpenBSD community.

  • C2Net's Stronghold SSL server
    C2Net provides a RSA-licensed 128-bit strong cryptography HTTPS daemon based on the widely acclaimed Apache Web Server on OpenBSD with their award winning Stronghold 3 server. (OpenBSD contains a SSL capable httpd, but use of it in the USA requires a licence from RSA, which C2Net licences to you. This product also includes support and easy tools for assisting new https admins).

  • Covalent's Raven SSL
    Covalent Technologies Inc. provides RSA licensed 128-bit strong cryptography to the widely acclaimed Apache Web Server on OpenBSD with their award winning Raven SSL Module. (OpenBSD contains a SSL capable httpd, but use of it in the USA requires a licence from RSA, which Raven licences to you. This product also includes support and easy tools for assisting new https admins).

  • LMC by SBE
    LMC by SBE, Inc. offers a broad range of high-performance, PCI-based WAN adapters to meet a variety of network connectivity requirements including DS3/T3, HSSI, T1/E1 Channelized and Clear Channel, and Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI). Products are available in multiple PCI form factors that include "Desktop" PCI, PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC), or CompactPCI (cPCI). LMC adapters include software drivers for OpenBSD among others.

  • Open Sound System (i386 only)
    A substantially spiffed-up commercial version of the OpenBSD/i386 audio device drivers is available from http://www.opensound.com/. These replacement drivers are compatible with the audio drivers OpenBSD/i386 ships with, but they support many additional cards and take full advantage of these cards' features. This package is available for OpenBSD/i386 2.6

  • Core Systems
    Core Systems sells InSite, an easy to use, server-side web statistics utility, for OpenBSD/i386. InSite is similar to products such as WebTrends, but can also be configured through a web interface to generate reports on the fly, using very little CPU time. (Upon request, Core may be able to provide InSite for platforms other then i386.)

  • Software2Go Motif (i386 and SPARC only)
    Software2Go, LLC has Motif 2.1.20 Development and Runtime toolkits for OpenBSD.
    The development distribution is for software developers building graphical user interface applications with the Motif look and feel. The runtime distribution is required to deploy binary-only applications.
    Contact: Software2Go, LLC Online Ordering, 817-431-8775 (phone/fax)

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