History and status:

Free pmax machines available for developers, just ask Dieter Mayer .

The pmax port of OpenBSD was started by Thomas Graichen ( shortly before the OpenBSD 2.0 release. It is currently without a maintainer. If you would like to maintain the port, hardware is available so please send mail. From the pmax specific code it is heavily based on NetBSD/pmax. I want to take the chance here to say thanks to Dieter Mayer and Rob Urban for supplying me (Thomas) with the hardware to do the development on. Also i want to thank all the people from the NetBSD/pmax team and mailinglists especially Jonathan Stone and Michael Hitch for their help in many situations. If you are interested in getting OpenBSD/pmax you can either use the latest formal release of OpenBSD or one of the snapshots of OpenBSD/pmax if you are interested in tracking the current state - you may get them both from the usual OpenBSD ftp servers.

Despite of the fact that the hardware specific code in OpenBSD/pmax doesn't differ much from NetBSD/pmax there are for the system as a whole some ...

Differences to NetBSD/pmax:

Supported machines:

OpenBSD/pmax currently supports the following machines:

OpenBSD/pmax does currently not run on:

Per Fogelstrom ( now also has one of the r4000 cpu upgraded decstations ... so i expect support for them sometime in the future.

Supported devices:

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