Platforms currently supported.

OpenBSD is officially supported on the following; snapshots and releases are generally available for them.

Architecture Details
alpha DEC Alpha-based machines.
amiga Amiga m68k-based models (MMU required).
hp300 Hewlett-Packard HP300/HP400 machines.
i386 PC's based on the Intel i386 architecture, including 386, 486, Pentium and compatible processors.
mac68k Most MC680x0-based Apple Macintosh models.
mvme68k Motorola MVME147/16x/17x 68K VME cards.
pmax DEC MIPS-based machines.
powerpc Apple PowerPC-based machines: iMac, G3, G4, G4 Cube, ...
sparc Sun's Sun4, Sun4c, and Sun4m models.
sun3 Sun's 68020 based Sun3 models.
vax DEC's VAX computers.

Platforms which could exist

These platforms, unlike the rest of the OpenBSD architectures, are not actively maintained in the OpenBSD source tree. Support can be easily ported over from NetBSD, though, or we have work being done by our own members. If anyone has such hardware and would be interested in maintaining these ports within OpenBSD, please contact Theo de Raadt. This list is ordered so that the architectures "most likely" to be supported are near the top.

Architecture Details
hppa Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC HP700/HP800 models.
mvme88k Motorola MVME18x and MVME19x 88K VME cards.
sparc64 SUN Ultra Sparc based machines.
arm32 Acorn ARM6+ computers.
atari Atari TT and Falcon models.
pc532 A rare NS32532-based computer.
sun3x Sun's 68030-based Sun3 models.
x68k SHARP X680x0 m68k-based machines. (MMU required)
romp IBM PC RT series of machines.
sgi MIPS based Silicon Graphics workstations.
arc Mips R4K and R5K based machines. Including ARC plattforms (some).

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