Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are an important means of communication among users and developers of OpenBSD. With the exception of announce, the lists are not moderated. We deliberately restrict the number of different mailing lists. This helps reduce the amount of cross-posting and makes sure that the information gets distributed to a wide audience.


Be considerate of other subscribers on the mailing lists.

Plain text, 72 characters per line
Many subscribers read their mail on text-based mailers (mail(1), emacs) and they find HTML-formatted messages, or lines that stretch beyond 72 characters often unreadable. MIME encapsulated enclosures also cause problems. Only send non-text if you have received the OK from the intended recipient. We realise that many newcomers are stuck with Windows-based mailers that don't give them any control over what they send, but we ask that they make a conscious effort to switch over as soon as possible to a more reader-friendly mailer.
Do your homework before you post
If you have an installation question, make sure that you have read the relevant documents such as the INSTALL.* text files in the FTP installation directories, the FAQ and the relevant man pages (start with afterboot(8)). Make sure you include relevant details (version, hardware, dmesg(8)) that will help in troubleshooting. We want to help, but we wouldn't want to deprive you of a valuable learning experience.
Trim your signature
Keep the signature lines at the bottom of your mail to a reasonable length. Posts are rarely critical enough to warrant a PGP signature, and those automatic address cards are merely annoying.
Stay on topic
Please keep the subject of the post relevant to users of OpenBSD.


Spam is always forbidden but sometimes things slip through the cracks. If you get spam through one of the OpenBSD mailing lists, you might want to submit it to spamcop. In general, you don't have to send a copy to the list owner--chances are he's already seen it. Please note that complaining about spam on the list proper is counter-productive as it generates more traffic than the spam itself...
The OpenBSD mailing lists will deny mail from any host on the MAPS RBL, MAPS Dialup or MAPS RSS blacklists. In addition, the list server also has regex-based rules to reject based on some common spam telltales.

The Mailing Lists

To subscribe to a given list, send mail to majordomo@OpenBSD.org with a message body of "subscribe mailing-list-name".

Important announcements. This low volume list is excellent for people who just want occasional news about the project.
Security announcements. This low volume list receives OpenBSD security advisories and pointers to security patches as they become available.
User questions and answers, general questions. This is the most active list. Please read the FAQ and the installation documents before you post.
Technical topics for OpenBSD developers and advanced users. Please direct 'new user' and installation-related questions to misc. Please do not cross-post to both misc and tech.
Bug reports as sent in via sendbug(1) and follow-up discussions.
Automated mailout of CVS source tree changes.
Discussions about using and contributing to the 'ports' source tree.
Automated mailout of ports-specific CVS source tree changes.
Discussions about OpenBSD IP version 6.
Promoting the use of OpenBSD. Non-technical discussions in misc often get shunted here.
Discussion of Symmetric Multi-Processing design and implementation on OpenBSD.

OpenBSD also maintains several lists specific to given architectures and special projects. These lists are public in the sense that anyone can subscribe to them, but they should be considered reserved for developers and testers. In keeping with the openness principle of OpenBSD, there are no private mailing lists.

For further assistance, send a message body of "help" to majordomo@OpenBSD.org and you will receive a reply outlining all your options. Your domain MUST resolve properly or the mail will not go through!

The fine folks at squish.net run mailing lists with daily and weekly digests of the OpenBSD source-changes mailing list. This is handy for those who don't like the typically high volume of that list.

The clever monkeys at monkey.org maintain the openbsd-mobile list for people using OpenBSD on mobile and laptop computers. To subscribe:
echo subscribe | mail openbsd-mobile-request@monkey.org

Non-English Lists

A Japanese-language mailing list related to OpenBSD is also available separately.

A Polish-language mailing list related to OpenBSD is also available separately. To subscribe, send mail to OpenBSD-request@hack.pl.

openbsd@bofh.kyrnet.kg is a Russian-language mailing list related to OpenBSD available separately.
To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@bofh.kyrnet.kg.

openbsd@openbsd.ru is a Russian-language mailing list related to OpenBSD available separately.
To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@openbsd.ru.

openbsd@tlali.iztacala.unam.mx is a Spanish-language mailing list from Mexico related to OpenBSD available separately.
To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@tlali.iztacala.unam.mx.

general@openbsd.org.ar is a Spanish-language mailing list from Argentina related to OpenBSD available separately.
To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@openbsd.org.ar.

sikurezza.org, an italian language non-commercial security portal hosts openbsd@sikurezza.org. To subscribe just send an empty message to openbsd-subscribe@sikurezza.org.

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