OpenBSD/mac68k runs on many of the Motorola 680x0-based Macintosh machines. It requires a Motorola 68020, 68030, or a 68040 processor. If you have a 68020, it will also need a Motorola 68851 PMMU (note that this is different from the 68881, which is an FPU). While the system is quite useful (it's being run as an internet server and router), there is still plenty of work to be done. Please jump in and become a part of the action!

History and Status:

The mac68k port of OpenBSD was derived from NetBSD/mac68k, and it supports most of the same hardware as NetBSD. This does not mean that OpenBSD is the same as NetBSD. Far from it. The kernel makes up only a small part of the full system.

Supported Hardware:

OpenBSD/mac68k now runs on most 680x0 Macintoshes. Specifically, it should work on:

The following Macintosh models are "fully" supported. This means that at least the SCSI controller, ADB (keyboard and mouse), and some sort of display will function on these models. On some of these machines, a PMMU and/or FPU are required if they are not provided by default with the machine.

Supported devices on all of the above systems include:

Some systems will boot and are usable from an external terminal (serial tty or SL/IP):

What isn't supported, but often asked about:

Current information and help with installing can be found in the INSTALL.mac68k document distributed with the most recent release of OpenBSD. Also, be sure to see the most recent mac68k errata on the OpenBSD errata page. It contains some information vitally important to correctly installing the system from the CDROMs.

There is a list of changes in the machine-independent portions of the system. Check it out.

There is a mailing list devoted to OpenBSD/mac68k at To join the OpenBSD/mac68k mailing list, send a message body of "help" to and you will receive a reply outlining all of your options.

To learn how to obtain the most recent release of OpenBSD/mac68k, please see the page we have on FTP'ing OpenBSD or ordering OpenBSD on CDROM.

The mac68k port of OpenBSD is maintained by Jason Downs,

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