History and Status:

OpenBSD follows in the footsteps of 4.4BSD by supporting the hp300; most types of machine are supported with 68020 or better processors, along with SCSI and HPIB storage devices.

OpenBSD/hp300 runs 8k pagesize executables natively (the first operating system for the hp300 to do so), maintaining the standard binary format used by all other OpenBSD m68k platforms.

The hp300 port has now also switched to the regular config(8) for kernel configuration. This enables the port to support things like User Kernel Config and, in the future, the generic SCSI sub-system.

Supported Hardware:

(1) 400-series machines configured for Domain/OS are not fully supported; the ROMs must be in HP-UX mode in order to boot the system. See the hp300 FAQ page for information on how to change the ROM mode.
(2) SCSI-II drives are known to work, though this may require changing a jumper on some drives. See your disk's documentation for details.
(3) Serial mice connected to a HIL to quad converter are also known to work.

Much more information about hardware configuration may be found on the hp300 FAQ page.

Notably Unsupported Hardware:

Compatibility Notes and Known Bugs:

OpenBSD/hp300 is known to run old pre-1.2 NetBSD m68k4k binaries via the COMPAT_M68K4K, COMPAT_10 and COMPAT_11 kernel options; it is assumed that it will also still run hp300 4.4BSD binaries. COMPAT_SUNOS may be used to run sun3 SunOS binaries (a few have been tested and work). COMPAT_HPUX is also available, but has not been tested.

Slower machines may sometimes have problems booting from a serial console. The symptom of this are panics during the kernel autoconfiguration process; this can be avoided by using faster/different terminals or by eliminating the terminal's use of flow control.

There is now (untested) support for the 425e; a terminal must be connected to the first serial port in order to boot the system. If anyone gets a 425e to work, please let me know.

Snapshots are made available from time to time.

The maintainer of the hp300 port is Jason Downs, <>.

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