Project Goals

Obviously, each developer working on OpenBSD has their own aims and priorities, but it is possible to classify the goals we all share:

Project Funding

Naturally, the OpenBSD project requires funds to operate, due to Internet line costs and the same hardware upgrade issues everyone experiences. For this reason, the project sells CDROMs of our most recent release. The project also started making tshirts to fund the project. Thus, when you buy an OpenBSD CD or tshirt, whether at a conference, from one of our other locations, or from our
CDROM ordering page, you are helping to increase the chance that OpenBSD will make future releases.

It is also possible to donate funds or hardware, in which case your name ends up on our Donations page. For more information on this contact Theo de Raadt or simply send a donation cheque in Canadian or US funds to:

812 23rd Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 1N8
(Make the cheque out to "Theo de Raadt", since I cannot cash cheques made out to "OpenBSD".)

Additionally, it is now possible to donate money to the project online by sending funds to obsdpaypal@openbsd.org via paypal.

While donations are not US tax deductable as charible contribution, they may be deductable as an operating expense, and if someone is so inclined, they should ask for the advice of their accountant. The same applies to other countries, where corporations can make deductable donations under the terms of "Good Will".

In the beginning, Theo de Raadt spent more than $30,000 (CDN) to start OpenBSD, mostly due to expensive networking costs in Canada (due to USA crypto policies, it is not possible to move the project to the USA). Thus far, no serious funding or cost-sharing of the project has come from any company or educational institution. Theo works full-time on improving OpenBSD, and much of the project's funds are spent to buy developers new hardware so that they can continue to improve OpenBSD (for example, more than 20 new kinds of Ethernet cards have showed up on the market since OpenBSD was started). Thus, funding is needed at all times. Continued donations from our user base are what will ensure that OpenBSD continues to exist.

Where do our developers live?

This map approximates where our developers live. We will attempt to update it occasionally, but please don't count on that.

World map

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