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 1.0 Intro to OpenBSD
 2.0 Other resources
 3.0 Obtaining OpenBSD
 4.0 Installation Guide
 5.0 Kernel Configuration
 6.0 Networking Setup
 7.0 Keyboard Controls
 8.0 General Questions
 9.0 Migrating from Linux
 10.0 System Management
 11.0 Performance Tuning
 12.0 For Advanced Users
 13.0 IPSec 
 14.0 Disk setup

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is maintained with information pertaining to the 2.8 release of OpenBSD. Not all information presented here may be accurate for older releases of OpenBSD. Information for previous releases is available. You should check for important updates. The FAQ follows release versions of OpenBSD. It will not have information pertaining to any -current options, it only attempts to track what has been released on CD. This is so there is no confusion as to which versions are being documented here.

This FAQ will take you through most critical steps to setting up your own OpenBSD system. The addressed questions range from new to advanced users. Hopefully you will find this FAQ useful. Downloadable versions of the FAQ are available in text and PDF. These versions may not be as up-to-date as the HTML versions available from this page.

Any questions can be directed to: If you want to report a bug in OpenBSD, please read our bug reporting guidelines thoroughly.

The Current FAQ maintainers are:
Eric Jackson
Wim Vandeputte
Chris Cappuccio

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