11-2.4 - OpenBSD 2.4 Specific Information

11.1 - In 2.4 why do I get UserDir error when running httpd?

It seems as though userdir support was left out of 2.4. Make sure to pick up the patch at:


11.2 - Installing at a partition 4GB or higher

The 2.4 cd's shipped with a problem in installboot. A patch can be obtained here http://www.openbsd.org/errata.html. This is fixed in -current.

To place the partition boot record, installboot used a 32 bit multiplication for the sectors times the sectorsize which is larger than 2^32 -1 (i.e. multiplication overflow) when the partition starts at 4 GB or higher. This means the pbr is installed in the real partition address modulo 4GB. It's still possible to install at >= 4GB with some effort:

You have 2 Options for doing so with OpenBSD 2.4. If you have Linux or any other unix like OS, you should back up the sectors first before trying anything.

Now enter 'install' and the installation procedure should use the new installboot.

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