4.4BSD System Manager's Manual (SMM)

Reference Manual Section 8

Section 8 of the UNIX Programmer's Manual contains information related to system operation, administration, and maintenance.

Installing and Operating 4.4BSD

The definitive reference document for those occasions when you find you need to start over again.

Building 4.4BSD Kernels with Config

In-depth discussions of the use and operation of the config program, and how to build your very own Unix kernel.

Fsck - The UNIX File System Check Program

A reference document for using the fsck program during times of file system distress.

Disc Quotas in a UNIX Environment

A light introduction to the techniques for limiting the use of disc resources.

A Fast File System for UNIX

A description of the 4.4BSD file system organization, design and implementation.

The 4.4BSD NFS Implementation

An overview of the design, implementation, and use of NFS on 4.4BSD.

Line Printer Spooler Manual

This document describes the structure and installation procedure for the line printer spooling system.

Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide

The last word in installing and operating the sendmail program.

Sendmail - An Internetwork Mail Router

An overview document on the design and implementation of sendmail.

Name Server Operations Guide for BIND

Setting up and operating the name to Internet addressing software. If you have a network this will be of interest.

Timed Installation and Operation Guide

Describes how to maintain time synchronization between machines in a local network.

The Berkeley UNIX Time Synchronization Protocol

The protocols and algorithms used by timed, the network time synchronization daemon.

AMD - The 4.4BSD Automounter

Automatically mounting file systems on demand.

Installation and Operation of UUCP

Describes the implementation of uucp; for the installer and administrator.

A Dial-Up Network of UNIX Systems

Describes UUCP, a program for communicating files between UNIX systems.

On the Security of UNIX

Hints on how to break UNIX, and how to avoid your system being broken.

Password Security - A Case History

How the bad guys used to be able to break the password algorithm, and why they cannot now (at least not so easily).

Networking Implementation Notes, 4.4BSD Edition

A concise description of the system interfaces used within the networking subsystem.

The PERL Programming Language

The Practical Extraction and Report Language is ideal for writing those pesky administration scripts.
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