UNIX Programmer's Supplementary Documents, Volume 2 (PS2)

Documents of Historical Interest

The Unix Time-Sharing System

Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson's original paper about UNIX, reprinted from Communications of the ACM.

UNIX 32/V - Summary

A concise summary of the facilities in UNIX Version 32/V, the basis for 4BSD.

Unix Programming - Second Edition

Describes the programming interface to the UNIX version 7 operating system and the standard I/O library. Should be supplemented by Kernighan and Pike, ``The UNIX Programming Environment'', Prentice-Hall, 1984 and especially by the Programmer Reference Manual section 2 (system calls) and 3 (library routines).

Unix Implementation

Ken Thompson's description of the implementation of the Version 7 kernel and file system.

The Unix I/O System

Dennis Ritchie's overview of the I/O System of Version 7; still helpful for those writing device drivers.

Other Languages

The Programming Language EFL

An introduction to a powerful FORTRAN preprocessor providing access to a language with structures much like C.

Berkeley FP User's Manual

A description of the Berkeley implementation of Backus' Functional Programming Language, FP.

Ratfor - A Preprocessor for a Rational FORTRAN

Converts a FORTRAN with C-like control structures and cosmetics into real, ugly, compilable FORTRAN.


A dialect of LISP, largely compatible with MACLISP.

Database Management

Ingres (Version 8) Reference Manual

A terse reference manual (in the style of ``man'' pages) for the Ingres database system.
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